Sunday, August 07, 2011

SharePoint Saturday Sydney - InfoPath Tips and Tricks

SharePoint Saturday in Sydney was held yesterday, Aug 6, 2011. It was a great event, with about 120 attendees. Kudos to Brian Farnhill and Alexandre Bacchin for organizing it.

I gave a presentation entitled "InfoPath Tricks of the Trade" which included my "Planet of the APIs" sample form. This session was showing off some ways to accomplish specific tasks with InfoPath. I focused on two tasks - getting information about the current person and creating a unique name for your form (without using a timestamp).

I certainly enjoyed delivering the session and there were interesting questions from the audience. And as soon as I retrieve my laptop's power supply that I left at the venue, I'm going to put the presentation and demo template online for people to download.

Update: As promised, here is the PowerPoint presentation and InfoPath template