Thursday, November 16, 2006

WSS Version 3 is Out!

Thanks to Jan Tielens for pointing out to me that WSS version 3 is out the door and a free download from the Microsoft site.

You can also get a trial version of Office Server 2007 - I'm getting light-headed from all this new technology.

This Office Server download includes both the Standard and Enterprise version. Here is the breakdown of functionality as listed on the download site:

Standard edition functionality includes:
* Collaboration
* Enterprise Content Management
* Workflow
* MySites
* Profiles and Personalization
* Enterprise Search

Enterprise edition functionality includes:
* Business Data Catalog
* Excel Services
* Report Center
* Infopath Forms Services
* KPI and Filter Web Parts

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Meet the family

Check out this link for a list of what products are part of the new Microsoft Office suite:

I love the fact that there is now a suite called Office Ultimate. It reminds me of washing powder adverts - "now with added stain removers!". I wonder what the marketing team are going to come up with for the next release? Office Infinite?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Central Admin - just another site

I just noticed something - the SharePoint Central Administration site in Office 2007 is just another site collection. This means that you can create lists, subsites and even update the security settings. Heck - you can even modify the web parts on the OOB admin pages! Have a look at the Site Actions menu next time you drop by your Central Administration site.

This is a bit different to version 2 where Central Admin was a very customized site and there wasn't much you could do in the way of modifying it.

But with great power comes great responsibility. Now it means that you are going to have to consider what ways you will customize the Central Administration site for your web farm (of course you could just leave it as it is, but where is the fun in that?)

Friday, November 03, 2006

An early Christmas

According to ITWire SharePoint 2007 is going to be launched on November 30th, along with Vista.

Update: Nov 6, 2006, Microsoft announces that Office 2007 has been released to manufacture (RTM). This is milestone that marks the completion of the development and testing phase. According to their press release it will be available "worldwide" from November 30th.

However, it may be available earlier for companies that have access to the Microsoft software download sites. Certainly the MSDN Subscribers site has an announcement saying that it will be available 7 days from the RTM.

Pricing for SharePoint 2007

I just found this very useful website for working out the cost of Microsoft licenses. The great thing is that it has the SharePoint 2007 prices:

After you select your products, you also need to answer some questions about the size of your organisation and the type of licensing you require. Unless you are practiced in the black art of licensing, I'd suggest just accepting the defaults and treating the estimate as a rough guide. Contact your reseller for more accurate numbers.

Here are the figures that I got based on a 1,000 seat corporate deployment with Software Assurance (access to upgrades):

  • SharePoint 2007 Server - $11,572

  • SharePoint 2007 Server for Internet Access - $107,115 (AUD) - for hosting public websites. This license does not require Client Access Licenses (CALS)

  • Standard Client Access License - $243 (AUD)

  • Enterprise Client Access License - an additional $195 (AUD) - this provides access to the BDC, Excel Services and InfoPath web forms