Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Microsoft .Net Stories

Microsoft has just launched a new site called Dot Net Stories. This has a collection of videos on how people have used the Dot Net Framework to build their applications.

You can filter the stories based on technologies such as SharePoint, Windows Server, Windows 7, Windows Azure and SQL Server.

The SharePoint section is a bit light on content right now. The good thing is that you can submit your own story and be in with a chance to win some great prizes, including a Galapogos Islands Adventure. Just promise me that you won't use a cheesey profile story in your submission. You'll know what I mean when you have a read of some of the current entries.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Remote Management of Hyper-V (and others) on Windows 7 and Vista

I've recently rebuilt my laptop to run Windows 7. For the last year or so I have been using Windows 2008, so that I could run SharePoint natively and use Hyper-V. I gotta say that I'm pretty happy with the Windows 7 build. Getting things like Hibernate back has been nice and I have definitely noticed a performance increase. It's hard to know how much that is down to just having a fresh start. Either way, happy with the move.

So now I'm using a separate Hyper-V server that we have set up in our office. Managing this was a little tedious. I was using Remote Desktop to connect to the host, then launching the Hyper-V management console to create and change VMs. The Hyper-V Windows gadget simplified some of this work -

Then I discovered that there is a download to allow you to manage Hyper-V directly from Windows 7, along with a bunch of other Windows Server management tasks such as AD users, SMTP and remote desktop services. My life has just got that little bit nicer:

Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7:

Windows Vista 64-bit Hyper-V Remote Management:

Windows Vista 32-bit Hyper-V Remote Management: