Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SharePoint 2010 Community Launch Event

The official launch date for Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 in Australia is Thursday 13th May 2010. In addition to the Microsoft-run events, the SharePoint community is putting on it’s own event in the evening.

There’s going to be prizes (an X-Box 360!), food, drink and some great presentations on the new products. We will also have an Ask The Experts session for you to bring up questions on topics we haven’t covered during the presentations.

This event is going to be held at Microsoft’s offices at 1 Epping Road, North Ryde. You’ll need to register for this no-cost event at the User Group site (http://www.sharepointusers.org.au/sydney).

If you are not based in Sydney, chances are your local SharePoint User Group is planning something Similar. Australian based SharePoint user groups can be found at http://www.sharepointusers.org.au. A special site has been set up for the Australian community launch events at http://www.aunz2010launch.net/ (the site is built on SharePoint 2010!)

You can also check the Twitter feed and hash-tags for this event at http://www.aunz2010launch.net/twitter/